Regular Updates

  • Webmaster will provide regular updates to the website
  • An Announcement page may be established to post quick updates
  • Members may share updates for announcement page that can be posted once approved
  • Updates may be shared in emails to be posted for the website
  • A conference page will list and update upcoming MD related conferences locally, regionally and internationally
  • Webmaster will post updates from relevant Movement disorders websites about upcoming conferences and events. (Movement Disorders Society webpage, International Association for Parkinson and Related Disorders, and others as added later)

Clinical and educational programs for Movement Disorders

  • MDSP Course (mini-fellowship in Movement Disorders)
  • Center to center exchange program with Movement Disorders Society
  • Annual Botulinum toxin Skills workshop (with PSN annual meeting)
  • Annual updates in Movement Disorders program (PSN update meeting)
  • Opportunities for observership in Movement Disorders
  • Opportunities for fellowship in Movement Disorders
  • Movement Disorders Fellowship in Pakistan

Guidelines for clinical care

  • AAN Guidelines in Movement Disorders
  • AAN quality measures in Movement Disorders
  • MDS guidelines in Movement Disorders
  • EBM review in Movement Disorders

Quality information for patients and caregivers with Movement Disorders

  • Provide a non-member page open to public for patients and caregivers
  • Collect and share quality information on common diseases in Pakistan
  • Provide information on available medications in Pakistan
  • Provide information on patient support groups

Become a repository of contact information for its members, useful web resources and other important contacts

  • Maintain director of member profiles
  • Provide direct messaging between members
  • Maintain list of resources on dedicated page
  • Provide useful non-member contacts in Pakistan
  • Provide information on hard to obtain medications in Pakistan

Information on research projects, funding opportunities and publication opportunities in Movement Disorders nationally and internationally

  • Page on PArkinson Study group and other study groups
  • Listing of ongoing research projects in Pakistan with basic information (simplified template from
  • Listing of Funding opportunities
  • Listing of Publication opportunities and last 12 months publications by members

Provide online continuing medical education focused on Movement Disorders for its clinicians

  • Host Movement Disorders lectures recorded from various PSN meetings
  • Record short 3-5 min videos introducing topics by the MD experts in Pakistan and internationally
  • Provide link to online educational resources with various learning videos
  • Short phenomenological videos (3-5 min with commentary from experts) submitted by the members with formal approval from patients in pattern similar  to Neurology journal pearls
  • Publish review articles online (in lieu of preparation) related to the MD topics in collaboration with PJNS
  • Publish all MD related abstracts from PSN meetings

Provide updates on local, regional and international learning opportunities at various conferences, workshops and short training courses

  • Publish information about all MD learning opportunities including PSN meetings, MDSP meetings, workshops and conferences
  • Provide information on MDSP Course with  course introduction, curriculum, structure, faculty, alumni and certification
  • Post information on regional conferences on MD in middle east
  • Post information on international conferences in Europe and Americas